Yearly Tax Preparation

As a member of the “Finances For The Independent Stylist” club, you receive 50% off of your yearly tax preparation service.

Please use the organizer below to provide me with your personal and some business information. There is no need to complete any of the business income and expense questions because I have access to those records. The organizers will help you gather all required documents so I can prepare your tax return(s).

Using tax organizers ensure you get all the deductions you are entitled to for the year.

Once you complete the organizer, please upload a copy of all of your tax documents including your 1099(s) and W2(s) that you received during the year, if applicable.

Also, please upload a copy of your driver’s license.

All documents should be uploaded to your QuickBooks Online portal.  CLICK THIS LINK for instructions on how to upload your documents to the portal.